Luxury Skincare

Indulge in the pinnacle of self-care with our thoughtfully assembled assortment of internationally renowned skincare products. Experience the luxurious blend of rare ingredients, meticulously crafted for harmonious renewal and rejuvenation. From lavish creams to invigorating serums, embark on a journey embodying the fusion of natural elements, science, and technology.

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Exquisite eye serum that is designed as a light and fast-penetrating emulsion to rapidly enhance the lifting of the upper eyelid, toning the skin and smoothing wrinkles.
Price: $460.00
A highly concentrated luxury serum. A complete treatment, this is supreme skincare at its finest with an instant lifting effect.
Price: $680.00
The complete eye cream. This velvety ultra-concentrated poly-active cream visibly rejuvenates the eye area, smoothing away lines and wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.
Price: $400.00
Ultimate lifting cream. Give skin the pampering it deserves: this divine cream delivers an instant lifting effect by refining and smoothing pores.
Price: $700.00
Balancing cleansing foam. A cloud of purity, this light foam cleans the skin and frees it from all residue and dirt.
Price: $80.00
Moisturizing face fluid and broad spectrum SPF30 UVA/UVB protection
Price: $190.00
Depolluting regenerating face cream
Price: $300.00
Vitality eye cream
Price: $200.00
Depolluting regenerating Bubble Mask
Price: $200.00
Collagen eye mask
Price: $385.00
Creamy makeup remover that envelopes the skin in softness.
Price: $110.00
Total hydration anti-aging cream. A water dripping formula, this anti-aging cream stimulates the skin's ability to hydrate deeply.
Price: $380.00
Moisturizing eye emulsion. This emulsion acts as an immediate splash that hydrates and fills skin drip by drip.
Price: $160.00
Anti-aging hydration-activating serum. A bona fide hydration corrector, this serum teaches the skin to rehydrate naturally.
Price: $340.00
Refreshing makeup removing jelly. A flash of freshness, this melting gel offers a moment of relaxation while removing makeup, leaving skin clean and radiant.
Price: $176.00
Instant Glow Enhancement Cream
Price: $260.00
Glow enhancement peeling lotion. This gentle action, rich exfoliating water refines the skin’s surface, reducing imperfections and irregularities for a smoother, glowing complexion.
Price: $145.00
Glow-activating serum. An ultra-fine serum that reduces pore visibility and stimulates natural glow mechanisms for enhanced radiance.
Price: $240.00